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Miniature Football Bowl Championship Series

The Miniature Football Bowl Championship Series is presented as a Nation wide league for miniature football coaches to compete leading FBS or FCS Division I college football teams in 9 individual Conference leagues, culminating in a National Playoff that will result in a singular National Champion.   Miniature Football coaches from around the USA have launched  this true National league, and games for the second season will commence in December of 2020.    Stay posted for exciting miniature fooball action!

130 Coaches are competing for the 2021 MFBCS Championship and individual Conference Championships, while vying for a spot at the end of season Bowl Games as well!




SAVE THE DATE:  6/24/21-6/27/21

Rooms are 99$/night

A 50$ registration fee per coach


Conference Championships Thursday 6/24/21
(For those who can make it Thursday)

NIT Play In Tournament Friday AM 6/25/21
(Top 2 finalists get spot #47 and #48 in Playoff)

Conference Championships Friday PM 6/25/21
(Those not played Thursday night)

Banquet and Awards Presentations Friday PM 6/25/21

48 Team Playoff with first rounds Friday PM 6/25/21

32 Team Playoff continues Saturday 6/26/21

Afternoon Snack Provided

Evening Snack Provided

Bowl Games Saturday PM 6/26/21

Final Four games Sunday 6/27/21

MFBCS Championship Sunday 6/27/21



11/1/20:  Registration and Dues deadline

12/11/20:  2021 Season Opens!

3/5/21-3/7/21:  GBN Horse Trailer Classic in Nashville

5/16/21:  Last day to complete 2021 Regular Season Schedule

6/24/21-6/27/21 :  MFBCS 2021 National Playoffs in DFW Westlake, Texas


1 Syracuse
2 Georgia
3 Texas
4 North Dakota State
5 Utah
6 Cincinnati
7 Hawaii
8 Nebraska
9 Oklahoma
10 Michigan
11 Florida
12 Auburn
13 Arizona
14 Oklahoma State
15 Oregon
16 North Carolina
17 Stanford
18 Washington State
19 Ole Miss
21 Clemson
22 North Carolina State
23 Illinois
24 Baylor
25 San Diego State


At the conclusion of scheduled Conference game play, an Awards Committee which was formed from distinguished individuals with a passion for miniature football  convened to select awardees for all Individual awards to include the Heisman Trophy.   Additionally, the MFBCS coaches were polled to select All-Conference players from their respective conferences, as well as All-American awardees and the Coach of the Year.  All  dues paying coaches had an equal vote.  Awards and Trophies were announced and distributed at the National MFBCS Playoff weekend!


The actual final date to register and pay dues for the 2021 season  is 11/1/20.   Should a coach be interested in reserving a team for the upcoming 2021 MFBCS season, he may secure that unselected team by contacting the MFBCS Commisioner and pre-pay dues for the 2021 Season to lock down their chosen team.  At this time we are planning to protect the integrity of existing conferences due to interest from groups of coaches in founding these conferences.   Examples include the MAC, AAC, MWC and Ivy League conferences.


50$ to friends/family.  Dues submitted to reserve a team for the 2021 season are non-refundable. 

The MFBCS at this time is underway 2021 with over 121 teams. 

Coach Stoops loves him some MFBCS Playoffs

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PAC 12 PAC 12 Coaches BIG 12 BIG 12 Coaches BIG 10 BIG 10 Coaches ACC ACC Coaches SEC SEC Coaches MAC MAC Coaches AAC AAC Coaches SOUTHERN SOUTHERN Coaches MWC MWC Coaches
1 Utah JC Davis PAID UT Bob Owens PAID Ohio State Jimbo Dunagan PAID Virginia Brian Puryear PAID Auburn Doug Shanafelt PAID Hawaii Bobby Moore PAID UCF Bryson Vanscoy PAID Tennessee Tech Bryan Nutt PAID Utah State Jason Leiker PAID A
2 New Mexico Marcus Catano PAID A SFASU Simon Jackson PAID Michigan Damon Lucas PAID Old Dominion Ed Morgans PAID Alabama A&M David Nickles PAID A Tennessee State Brian Watson PAID Pitt State Lynn Schmidt PAID Citadel Joel Pritchard PAID A Navy Jaron Turner PAID
3 Colorado Robert Jackson PAID North Dakota State Tom Ruesink PAID Rutgers Darren McCoy PAID A Syracuse Brian Phillips PAID Notre Dame John Rowan PAID Marshall Anthony Justice PAID A Houston Elijah Bartels PAID Livingston Bennie Gibson PAID A Wyoming Justin Bishop PAID
4 San Jose State Charles Taylor PAID UNT Brandon Woodard PAID A Wisconsin Ron Christianson PAID NC State Jami Taylor PAID South Carolina Eddie Cousin PAID Grambling Ken Allen PAID Memphis Kelley Newton PAID Coastal Caronlina Mack Daniels PAID Northern Arizona Mark Holguin PAID
5 Oregon Mike Beal PAID TCU Steven Gray PAID Iowa Bryan Carter PAID Louisville Glen Phoenix PAID Mizzou Reggie Edwards PAID Youngstown State Mike Jones PAID A Cincinnati Paul Bartels PAID South Carolina State Henry Crosby PAID A Boise State Mike Turner PAID
6 Oregon State Frank Ignagni PAID Southwest Texas Stephen LeGrow PAID Michigan State Jim Davis PAID Clemson Darren Jahmani PAID Texas A&M Paul Alvarez PAID Dartmouth Norbert Revels PAID Temple Greg Burch PAID Charleston Southern Daryl Hall PAID A Fort Hays State Casey Hatch PAID A
7 USC Jeff Warren PAID Kansas State Ira Meachum PAID A Saginaw Valley State Greg Hardmon PAID Florida State Dearell Brevard PAID Vanderbilt Vince Stone PAID Western Michigan Rodney Burges PAID A Appalachian State Scott Vanscoy PAID Furman Butch Carter PAID A Fresno State Open
8 UCLA Marcelo Troilo PAID OU Barry Stephenson PAID Penn State Kendall Palmer PAID A Wake Forest Jay Brown PAID A Tennessee Charles Lane PAID A Morehouse Kavan Miller PAID Howard Billy Rodgers PAID Western Carolina Van Smith PAID A BYU Open
9 Arizona State Tim Riley PAID Iowa State Mark Sheeter PAID A Ferris State Jamel Goodloe PAID Pittsburgh John Wright PAID A Florida Pep Woods PAID Toledo Tom Fry PAID East Carolina Open Presbyterian Jeff Cameron PAID A Southern Utah University Chris Sorenson PAID
10 Arizona Isaac Cash PAID Texas Tech Curtis Kitchens PAID Northern Illinois Ty Williams PAID Duke Chris Stringer PAID A Ole Miss Logan King PAID Central State Reuban Jacquar PAID Missouri State James Barnes PAID Wofford Andrew Jackson PAID A Nevada Open
11 Cal Brandon Hardy PAID Baylor Rick Cabell PAID Kent State Aaron Johnson PAID A Boston College Ed Boward PAID Alabama Don Hudson PAID A USF Elgin Clemons PAID Tulsa Open Liberty Tony Bryant PAID A UNLV Open
12 Stanford Matt Riley PAID OSU Pat Morris PAID Maryland Chip Burges PAID A Miami Joe Greco PAID LSU John Carodine PAID OHIO Austin Womack PAID A St. Mary's Dakota Fricke PAID
13 San Diego State Sam Warren PAID SMU DeWonne McDaniels PAID Purdue Frank Johnson PAID Georgia Southern Darrian Ross PAID Mississippi State John Sullivan PAID Akron Brandon Trice PAID Tulane Open
14 Washington State Mert Perkins PAID West Virginia Kevin Mathis A Minnesota Brian Perry PAID A Georgia Tech Steve Brown PAID A Georgia Rafiyq Mcdanul PAID Jackson State
15 Colorado State Chet Haptonstal PAID A Kansas Open Northwestern Chuck Lawrence A Georgetown Robert Spinner PAID A Arkansas Steve Miles PAID A Army
16 Washington Darren Hunter PAID Nebraska Phillip Rawlings PAID Virginia Tech Paul Woody PAID Kentucky Open Arkansas State
17 Humboldt State Dale Cash PAID A Indiana Edgar Downs PAID A North Carolina Jeff McCauley PAID Indiana Univ Penn Jeff Priest PAID
18 Illinois Brian Perry PAID A Air Force Stephen Toth PAID

Bob Owens, M.D.

Miniature Football Bowl Championship Series Commissioner

Phone: 214-938-2487